Sunday, 19 August 2012



One thing is for sure, painting can bring a piece of green plastic to life
if done with a little care and patience! I do not claim to be the Leonardo Da Vinci
of figure painting, everyday I see other modelers work online and I am both
in awe and often blown away by of some of the results!

Painting an Airfix British Paratroop step by step.

1. Slap on a black base-coat.

2. Paint the flesh

3. Paint the trousers.

4. Paint the gaiters.

5. Paint the jacket the lighter colour of the 
three for camouflage.

6. Paint the green camouflage.

7. Paint the brown camouflage.

8. Paint gun butt and waterbottle. There is a pistol
holster on his left side too. Paint it! 

9. Paint webbing and pouches.

10. Paint helmet and leaves.

11. Touch up boots and scarf.
The scare can be green but I prefer the black!

12. Metalize the gun. 
I see a lot of weapons painted in silver. This may look
good but gun metal is usually black or dark grey. I add 
silver to make it look worn from handling.

13. Give him some ground to stand on and 
he's off to the bridgehead!

This method is just one of the ways to paint figures.
There are lots of techniques I'm sure!