Tuesday, 19 February 2013



Star Date: 1981 

Co-ordinates: Planet Airfix

Mission: Highlight Space Warriors 

Sorry, for getting carried away with 
the heading, but these figures warrant
a little Sci-Fi don't you think? With the 
success of Flash Gordon in 1980 and Star Wars 
before that it was inevitable that Airfix, 
now struggling financially should knock out 
some space figures, and a great set they are too.
They were originally moulded in grey but also
beautiful silver plastic in 1995 which is superb! 
Space on the other hand gives one artistic 
freedom to do whatever they like, and these 
figures are proof of that!

Original grey set from 1981 

Silver set from 1995

The Super-Cool box is worth 
pursuing alone. You see 3 figures 
on the front...

...and 3 figures on the back. 

The being with the ring is on 
the side of the box!

The Cosmic Seven 
Lazer guns are plenty, a robot resembling 
a Samuri and a leggy blonde, resembling 
Jenna from Blake's 7, possible the only 
woman in the Airfix 1/32 range!
The names were made up by myself
and are totally fictitious!

Space Commander Ryder
Looks like Buck Rogers in a skirt!

Clia Andromorra
No space film can ever be complete 
without a girl in a mini!

Half man, half reptile with 
disco boots!

Zak Orus
A fine Android with a Dracula cloak!

R101 B3
The robotic one, but armed with
a sword?

A contestant for the 
Space Olympics!

Ardatt Orion
Let's face it, an Android with
a Dyson hoover as a head!
His weapon tip was missing 
and I improvised!

An artistic impression!
Boldly going where...you know the rest!

Space Art
You can paint these any colour 
you like which is great!

Monday, 18 February 2013




Ahh, don't these bring back memories? Timpo made a great range of figures 
covering all the major ages of conflict. They were sold as singles so you
could choose the best ones. There was vehicles too so the range was great.
I had quite a few back in the day but I sold them all a few years ago.
They were not as durable as their solid plastic counterparts and the hands
could break off and then it was time for Super Glue! 

The Germans were probably the best of the WW2 figures but
the problem with them was that there was only a few leg poses so they
were limited by this, as were the other sets. The man with the binoculars and the 
man  with the MP40 were my favourites. The rifle man's hands are the same colour
as the gun and I like the officer because he is wearing a helmet and
not a cap like dozens of german sets. 

The Germans had detachable helmets and the same heads
as the others, but then they came with fixed helmets, red hair, 
and the faces were more menacing than the others!

The British poses were less realistic just look at  the man 
throwing the grenade, and the man with fixed bayonet! 
The mix of steel helmet and beret is cool no doubt. The bright 
green webbing is ridiculous to say the least. These figures 
like the rest lacked water bottles, bayonets, entrenching tools, 
possible due to the manufacturing process.

The Yanks were pretty gormless too, while the 
firing poses are passable the men pointing, running and throwing
grenades are cartoon quality! I loved the silver automatic pistol the captain
was firing. The good thing though is there is a black man in there and this
is an often overlooked issue when dealing with WW2. Blacks did fight in the 
U.S. Army as well as other armies around the world, but for a long time
toy companies were slow to portray this.

I guess I should not have sold them!


Here you can see the remains of the swamp boat,
Bren gun carrier and manned torpedo!

These came out around the same time as Airfix Series 2 and
they covered a big range from all the historical ages of warfare that were.
I must admit they had a comic book style to them. Some of the poses are
pretty awkward looking and clumbsy. Still they are worth having as the
detail is good and they look better painted. 

British 8th Army
Typical box contained 20 figures

This machine-gunner looks excellent!

Comic book heroes!

Admit it, the boxes have a certain charm!

There was even footballers!