Tuesday, 9 April 2013



This 7 figure set is one of the rarest in the Airfix catalogue.
Manufactured in 1981 in both standard and super packs, they are
now extremely hard to find, even on eBay. Ok, you will occasionally
see a few unboxed up for grabs, but trying to get either a standard pack 
or super pack will try the patience of calmest collectors. They also command
a high price, as I found out, so be prepared to shell out the Lira! Other 
manufacturers have produced Italians but because of their rarity, the 
Airfix ones are the most sought after. They were of course the
 last WW2 set made by the company. 
Let's take a closer look!

The 7 figures unpainted

The 7 figures painted

The Super Pack Box
The object of the model figure collector's desire!
This is the full shtick, the holy grail of Airfix figures!
Exclusive, elusive and expensive!
Note: This style box offered 28 pieces
as opposed to 29 on previous designs!

The Superpack Box Rear

The Standard Pack Box
The little brother is also hard to find and expensive!

The back of the pack!

These troops are smartly dressed and carry a nice
selection of weapons but a light machine gun would
have been a nice addition to the set as seven poses
are sometimes not enough for us collectors!

Captain Cornelli with his Beretta Pistol!

Soldier firing Beretta sub machine gun.

Soldier firing a Corcano rifle.

Soldier on the march with Corcano rifle.

Soldier running with Corcano rifle.

Soldier firing Beretta sub machine gun.

Prone soldier throwing a grenade.

The Italians remain the only WW2 
set in Series 2 not reissued by Hornby so far. 
We live in hope!