Tuesday, 8 July 2014

The 1/32 War Goes On!

Matchbox 1/32 Re-issues 2014

Matchbox 1:32 Re-issues! Yes, It's almost too go to be true or more like a dream come true.
Revell of Germany have re-issued the British and German sets that Matchbox used to produced back in the 70s and early 80s and up to now you could only get the originals by paying through the nose on eBay! Lets hope by Christmas the rest of the bunch will be out including the rare and much sought after British Commandos. Now there are two 1:76 sets also that never made it to 1:32, the Japanese and ANZACS, hopefully someone at Revell is insisting that they be released in 1:32. Now that would be unbelievably
incredibly fantastic wouldn't it!

Great new artwork!
Figures are now a butter colour and not tan.

Note: The prone gunner is firing an FG42! This was used by
the paratroops so it's a strange addition to the artwork!

From green/blue to very, very dark green!

The classic yanks set!

Now in dark green!