Saturday, 28 July 2012



No figures can be complete with out some bombed buildings.
There's not a lot for 1:32 Scale available on the market and then
you are stuck with what you buy. What's the answer to the diorama 
dilemma? Good old D.I.Y. that's what. A few pieces of old wood, some 
nails, glue and basic tools and your all set to build! You can build
whatever you like, there's no limit! Here are some 
I made myself over the last few years.

Ruined House #1
This Mediterranean style two story house is built on a plinth,
has a flat roof and large arched window. This model has
been screwed together. 

Ruined House #2
A European style two story house with and attic. 
No plinth this time only a flat floor but screwed together.

Ruined House #3
This is an old two story farmhouse with a garden
and wall. I usually stick a tree in the garden for effect.
Built on a plinth and screwed together.

Ruined House #4
Another Mediterranean style house with flat roof
built on a plinth and screwed together.

Ruined House #5
This is a small two story house built without a plinth, 
tacked together and then glued along the seems.

Ruined House #6
This is the remains of a three story with a flat roof 
that's built without a plinth, tacked together and then 
glued along the seems.

Ruined Bunker
A solid looking bombed bunker on a plinth that is
screwed together.

Street and Wall
This matches the bunker as it is also built on a 
similar plinth and screwed together.

Command Post
A very simple little job that is tacked together and
then glued along the seems.

Rocky Ground
The stones are real and glued to the wood 
base then it is flocked.

Low Damaged Wall
The wall is painted wood and the base is flocked.
The broken wooden beams are left natural.

This is made of clay. I picked it up cheap in a
model shop.

Side view of the bunker.

Jungle Bunker
Wood, flock, twigs and sea sand.

Rocky Ground #2
The stones are glued to the wood 
base then it is flocked.

Desert Ruin #1
Sand, wood and stones all glued to cardboard base.
Model railway scrubs are also used as dry bushes.

Desert Ruin #2
A close up of the ruin.

Desert Ruin #3
You can't beat real stones and sand!

Wall of Ruin
Flock on wood! Model railway bushes.

Wall of Ruin close up

Observation Point
Flock, wood, bushes, real palm tree!

Observation Point close up #1

Observation Point close up #2

The two Dioramas joined together
I like this photo as it reminds me of
Band of Brothers!

European Ruin  #1

European Ruin  #2

Back view

Plan view

Stone Bridge

Front view

Thursday, 26 July 2012



This is a look at the Captains, the one-offs from the Airfix sets.
I thought it would be nice to have them all in one place.
There are 10 Allied and 6 Axis men in total 

The Brits!
From Left:- 8th Army, Infantry, Commandos, 
Paratroops, Support Group which is more or less infantry.

The Other Allies!
From Left:- Gurkhas, Russian, Australian, U.S. Paratroops
and U.S. Infantry.

The Axis
From Left:- Mountain Troop, Italian, Wehrmacht,
Fallschirmjäger, Japanese, Afrika Korps.

Note: The Mountain Troop Commander is the only leader
in the series that is kneeling! I think it would have been
nice to see a Luger in his hand!

Modern officiers are less distinctive from the rest of 
their troops. Here are the ones from the Modern Series.

From Left:- German, British, S.A.S., 
U.S. NATO and Russian.

Friday, 20 July 2012



In the late 1970s Airfix issued Medieval Foot Soldiers.
These were a break from the norm at the time and they
are excellent figures too. There is only one set, but it makes 
you wonder, what if they made Romans, Vikings and other
fighting men from days of old. These came my way as part
of a lot of figures from eBay and I liked them so much that
I've since bought more! They are superbly sculpted and the
poses are excellent. What I like the most about them though
is, they are fun to paint and multiple figures can be painted 
 differently unlike uniformed armies of later years,
and give great variation.

The Medieval Seven in the comfort of their own home!

I luv choppin' wood I do!

Here, Catch this!

Does my weapon look big enough in this?

Watch yer bleedin' 'eads!

Wow! Kitchen Devil have improved somewhat!

My aim is true!

I'll fix that bleedin' satellite dish for good this time!

Like I said before, painting these is a treat and you
can use whatever colours you like. Here are some
I prepared earlier!

A set in black and gold looks superb and
they're all dressed up for a good knight out!

More Medieval Tomfoolery!

This three-way axe fight seemed like a good
idea at the time!

This guys lost their balls and chains so I gave 
them these new toys to bash away with.

Nice new outfits you have there!

"Prepare to Diiiiieeeee!"

"Aaaaaargh! We're coming to get you!"

"Prepare to die!"

"Stop! There's nobody here to fight!"

We may as well have our own littler battle shall we?

Three swords-a-swaying!

Four axe-a-swinging!

Four boulders-a-throwing!

Three bows-a-firing!

Four deadly weapons-avoiding!

Six polarms-a-threatening!

Here is a collection of battle photos I took.

"What shall I do with this?" "Drop it on his head!"

"I can see your house from here Milord"

"Kill 'em all!"

"This dungeon ain't big enough for allof us!"

"Where did you get that gold cloak?"

"Leave some for me!"

"It's just like a dance!"

"And then you die!"

"Watch me shoot the apple on his head!"

"Someday I shall be a monument to brave men!"


The full Monty Python, pardon the pun!


They came in 1977 standard boxes

They came in 1981 standard boxes


Another eBay purchase. I got 40 of these for a song!
They are excellent for stop motion animation. The plastic
is quite brittle so a few more battles and they will be history!

These star in my animated film
See it here!